Transferring From the Retired Reserve to the IRR

Chapter 6, Section II, of AR 140-10, states that a Soldier can alteration from the Retired Reserve to the Accessible Reserve. They can alteration to a TPU, IMA unit, or to the IRR.

This alteration has to be voluntary. However, during time of emergency or accumulation mobilizations, Soldiers in the Retired Reserve are accountable to mobilization. They can be mobilized from the Retired Reserve, or they could be transferred to the TPU, IMA, or IRR and be mobilized from there.

During the added times; however, Retired Reserve Soldiers, if qualified, can advance to alteration aback to the Accessible Reserve.


Retired Reserve Soldiers absent to alteration to the IRR accept to be able for the IRR, and accept to be able for deployment. One documentation, that the Soldier needs, is a almanac of medical examination. This assay needs to be advised by an Army surgeon. The medical examination, and review, accept to be aural one year.

Enlisted cadre accept to aswell be able for actual reenlistment. These requirements are listed in AR 140-111. A Soldier acquisitive this affectionate of alteration accept to be accessible for an actual reenlistment with circumstantial alteration to the IRR. If the Soldier is requesting alteration to the TPU, or IMA, it would be an actual reenlistment with circumstantial alteration to the TPU or IMA.

Soldiers accept to accommodated the physique fat requirements listed in AR 600-9. Ideally, Soldiers in the Retired Reserve should be advancement concrete exercise and be accessible to canyon the Army Concrete Exercise Test. This isn’t consistently practical, and not every gray breadth retiree does this. Those desiring, or considering, mobilization or alteration aback to the Accessible Reserve should accede actual aural physique fat standards as able-bodied as getting physically able to canyon the APFT.

Those in cancellation of retired pay are about not accustomed to alteration into the Accessible Reserve. There’s an exception, which is listed below.

If a Soldier was involuntarily removed from the Accessible Reserve, because of an activity taken by a assimilation or advance board, or because of statute or regulation, that Soldier is disqualified to alteration aback to the Accessible Reserve.

Ineligible for transfer:

Soldiers in the Retired Reserve for the afterward affidavit will not be able to administer for alteration into the Accessible Reserve:

* A analysis board, advance board, or added lath removed the Soldier from the Accessible Reserve class that the Soldier is aggravating to get aback into.

* Statute requires the Soldier to be removed from the Accessible Reserve.

* If the Soldier were to auspiciously alteration to the Accessible Reserve, and that Soldier would automatically be appropriate to be removed from the Accessible Reserve as appropriate by law or regulation, that Soldier will not be able to alteration aback into the Accessible Reserve.

* The Soldier is accepting retired pay, with the barring listed in branch 6-5, AR 140-10.

Application Process:

A Soldier in the Retired Reserve is advised as still in the Army. As such, the Soldiers can go to the abutting Career Counselor to advice get the alteration action started.

As acclaimed above, you charge a medical appraisal done that was advised by an Army surgeon aural the accomplished year. You aswell accept to accomplish a memorandum. In this memorandum, you accept to announce the following:

* That you are requesting alteration from the Retired Reserve to the IRR.

* The absolution that you acclimated in the announcement that you included in your appeal to alteration to the Retired Reserve.

*Whether you are accepting affliction advantage or not. If you are accepting affliction compensation, how abundant you’re accepting anniversary month.

*Your alertness to serve in the IRR, and to be able and accessible for deployment if needed.

If you transferred to the Retired Reserve for affidavit alfresco of getting acceptable to retire with pay at 60, and your new arrangement would accompany you to your binding abatement date afore you authorize to retire with pay, you aswell accept to cover the afterward statement:

*The compassionate that you are accountable to binding abatement afore you can complete 20 years of condoning service. This statement, verbatim, can be begin in branch 6-5, AR 140-10.

If your IRR alteration appeal is approved, you will get alteration orders appointment you from the Retired Reserve to the IRR. If you are enlisted, these orders would crave you to anon reenlist the day afterwards the able date on the order.


Contact your abutting Career Counselor for data on this process, and analysis the applicative sections of the references below.


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AR 140-111, U.S. Army Reserve Reenlistment Program.

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